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Focused on service

Welcome to the Kiwanis Club of Carmel-North Indy! We’re a hands-on service club making a difference in our local communities. Service projects include teen driver safety education, tutoring, teddy bear clinics and spelling bees to name a few.

If that sounds like fun to you, please come to one of our next meetings and see what Kiwanis is all about. Our club meets at the Traders Point Historical Society every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. At club meetings, we discuss things like cyber crimes and bully prevention, how to recognize and report child abuse, career mentoring to young adults, how to conquer the fear of public speaking and more. Guest speakers featured throughout the year.

New members can join at any time and a non-member can volunteer at any event that piques your interest. Our club is designed to accommodate busy adults who want to:

  • Give back to their community 
  • Understand and have a voice in local issues 
  • Develop leadership skills and make connections

Reflect on all you have, give to those who need

What if your holiday gifts could save children’s lives? In more than 26 countries, women and babies are still dying from maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT). A gift to The Eliminate Project this holiday season will help us eliminate MNT from the face of the Earth. What better way to honor a loved one, business associate or fellow Kiwanis member than to give a gift in his/her name? Or include The Eliminate Project in your own wish list. Visit


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December Message from the Club President

Another year goes into the memory books—time to reflect on good times with friends and family. This month also is the perfect time to reach out to former members and invite them to join us for an event or two. Let alumni know we miss them and the door is always open. Invite them to join us for an anniversary party at the Traders Point Retirement Village with semi-format attire and a big band, letters to Santa, gift-wrapping at the mall and awarding kiddos with BUG certificates for Bringing Up (their) Grades. Also please don’t forget a very important meeting on December 11 about personal safety while shopping and how to recognize and defend yourself in dangerous situations.
-Rhonda Jones